Midroc chose VIVIX® facade panels for high rise project in Malmö

Contractor Midroc chose VIVIX® exterior façade panels to clad the outside of the residential building Bohus, in Malmö, Sweden. Altogether nearly 3000 square meters of the lightweight and impact-resistant facade material was fitted (www.youtube.com).

It is in central Malmö that the municipal housing company MKB together with Midroc Project Management have just completed a tower block consisting of 54 apartments. It’s a house with 15 floors, built in the yard of an existing property, in line with the municipality’s ambitions to densify the city to meet the growth of the population there.

Midroc has used VIVIX facade panels before. For them, customisation and material properties were decisive factors in the choice of cladding material. For this project, Midroc commissioned panels at the exact dimensions, but the panels can also be easily cut to the desired dimensions in the workplace.

Mikael Carlsson, Production Manager at Midroc Project Management says

“Formica Group delivered precision-fit panels, which made a huge difference for us in the workplace. The panels were supplied on a pallet exactly to our wishes. That meant assembly was easy – we knew exactly on which pallet every single panel was.”

In total almost 3000 square meters of VIVIX facade panels have been used. Because it is a 15-storey high building it was important with a lightweight material was used in order for the installation to be simple and secure.

Mikael Carlsson says

“We used VIVIX panels in 6mm thickness at Bohus. The panels have low weight per square meter, making it easy to handle” .

VIVIX panels come in an array of colours and patterns attuned to contemporary architecture and design – from sophisticated neutrals and striking accents to nature-inspired abstract patterns and rich woodgrains. The architects had a broad palette of colours and patterns to choose from. The colour eventually chosen for this project was Redwood. Mikael Carlsson is very happy with the look.

“The result is very good – Bohus 5 really stands out, both in colour and in shape. We have received many positive comments about the building”.

VIVIX facade panels carry the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label marking, and thus reflects Formica Group pursuit of sustainable principles and practices. VIVIX facade panels are manufactured in Europe according to the ISO 9001 standard and has under Formica Group Life Cycle Assessment LCA minimal impact on the environment. All Formica Group’s European manufacturing facilities and distribution centers have achieved Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification internationally recognized “Chain of Custody” (COC). This certification was conducted by the leading accreditation body BM TRADA. This ensures that the materials used in the manufacture of Formica high pressure laminate (HPL) and wood-glued products come from responsibly managed forests.