Meridian to focus on hi-res audio at CEDIA

Meridian is delighted to announce that it will be speaking at three CEDIA events in the coming months. Focusing on High Resolution Audio, Meridian will explore the development of technology and how it can help installers provide a premium service to their clients.

On Wednesday 20th April, Richard Hollinshead, Chief Technical Officer at Meridian, will be hosting the keynote speech at the CEDIA Tech Forum, taking place at the Hilton in Bristol. His talk will show how High Resolution Audio is no longer the preserve of the audiophiles, looking at the science behind Hi-Res Audio, and explaining the opportunity for installers to deliver premium audio quality for their clients.

Next up, on Tuesday 17th May at the Novotel London West, Meridian’s Barry Sheldrick and Matt Holland will deliver a training session, “Integrating High Resolution Audio Into The Home”, as part of the CEDIA Tech Forum. The session will focus on how installers can create home audio systems that combine convenient, user-friendly internet streaming services with the quality of Hi-Res Audio.

Barry and Matt will help installers to understand the eco-system through which the audio travels, and how to make sure each component is optimised for Hi-Res Audio, which is essential for maintaining the performance. The session is a must-attend event for any installer looking to provide a premium service for their customers, and gain higher margins for their business, by adopting Hi-Res Audio.

Finally, Meridian will be supporting the CEDIA Evènement de Formation in Nice, France, on June 1st at Splendid Hotel. Meridian’s distributor, Raymond Lacoste will deliver a presentation, “Making the Most of High Resolution Audio”, which will include an overview and explanation of the technology, a summary of different audio formats and which of these can deliver Hi-Res Audio. Raymond will also explore the role of internet streaming services in creating Hi-Res Audio solutions, how installers can future-proof systems, and how offering Hi-Res Audio can set installers apart from the crowd.

Meridian is delighted to be supporting CEDIA through these three events, and to be given the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with the custom installation industry about the future of Hi-Res Audio.