MegaPro software from Wallbarn

MegaPro is an estimating software which allows us to accurately calculate the correct quantity and size of pedestals required for your paving or decking project. It produces a schedule for us to generate a quotation from, and a visual plan to help the installer position the pedestals in the right place.

Ideally the client sends us a PDF or drawing of the deck space including certain details:

  • All changes in fall at each point across the roof
  • Steps, columns and other specific roof details
  • Position of drainage outlets
  • Slab size and thickness and lug spacing (gap between each slab)
  • For decking, the centres of the joist frame and thickness of decking board
  • The overall height from the deck to the upper surface

The software then calculates the distances and area (which can be edited if needed) and then generates the drawing and schedule.

The tool lists the exact number, height and product code of each pedestal required. It separates them by height and code creating a drawing of the exact layout at the same time. It colour-codes each pedestal type, creating an installer-friendly drawing that indicates exactly where to place each pedestal type.

MegaPro calculates the exact number of each height of pedestal and creates a schedule listing each product so that the estimator/buyer can cost the project accurately mitigating against over or under-ordering.

Wallbarn has BIM objects for its entire product range meaning architects can select objects and ‘rehearse’ them in their projects. Once again demonstrating Wallbarn’s commitment to helping creators achieve ever-better design.