Megaman® launches new INGENIUM® ZB – The latest solution to smart lighting technology

Megaman, has introduced its latest product innovation to the UK, INGENIUM® ZB. The new smart system works with ZigBee® technology to create a scalable solution, allowing users to gain wireless control over all INGENIUM® ZB products. Ideal for new and retrofit applications, INGENIUM® ZB is a smart lighting solution for residential, commercial, retail and industrial spaces.

The new INGENIUM® ZB smart lighting solution is compatible with a range of smart systems on the market – including voice control. Utilising ZigBee® mesh work technology, the solution allows the user to connect up to 150 devices, and offers automated control to varying schedules.

Users can gain wireless control of INGENIUM® ZB enabled LED lamps and luminaires – individually or in groups – from smart devices whilst at home or when out via a mobile or tablet device. The INGENIUM® ZB smart lighting solution is also compatible with Megaman’s

portfolio of lighting products, making it the ideal product for quick and efficient retrofit applications where smart lighting is a key design requirement.

For electrical contractors, the energy efficient, secure and reliable system provides a simple installation process. It takes just a few easy steps to set up the INGENIUM® ZB gateway and link this to the corresponding app. It will then be ready to act as the core communication hub and connect with all compatible Megaman products.

Glen Krise, European Distribution Director at Megaman explained,

“The INGENIUM® ZB product range is a huge advancement in smart lighting technology. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to provide sustainable solutions, which will make a positive difference to quality of life. With its ease of use, simple installation and extensive scalability, we have delivered a superior smart interoperable lighting solution to the market.”

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