Major benefits from Protecto-drain HDPE drainage membrane

Protecto-drain HDPE drainage membrane offers a major benefit when constructing rainwater harvesting systems. It is designed to protect waterproofed concrete structures on both the horizontal and vertical plane from damage and water ingress but also channel groundwater effectively into collection tanks.

The dimple-profiled HDPE sheet creates a water tight seal when bonded to the horizontal or vertical surface (which is usually already coated with a suitable waterproof membrane) and also offers protection from backfill and abrasion from soil settlement. The geotextile fabric which is attached to the plastic membrane acts as a permeable filter layer, allowing water to pass through but preventing the movement of particles. Therefore the soil is stabilised and the risks of subsidence are reduced.

The dimpled profile and geotextile fabric are designed to give a constant air gap between the structure and the soil, so that gravity can work to allow groundwater to drain downwards towards the bottom of the structure, where a suitable drain should be constructed. The drain should then be attached to a water harvesting structure of some sort, either constructed beneath the drain or via a pump system.

Protecto-drain can also be used as a damp-proof or waterproofing membrane between layers of concrete, able to withstand concrete pour and maintain a waterproof seal providing each sheet is properly sealed using bitumen tape or adhesive.

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