Main Site Tower and Peter Froggatt Centre redevelopment, Queen’s University, Belfast

TODD Architects have recently completed the transformation of the northern portion of Queen’s University’s historic main campus in south Belfast.

The redevelopment included partial demolition, restructuring, refacing, extension, refurbishment and linkage of an incongruous 1960’s multi-storey library stack and teaching centre, into a new home for the University’s highly respected School of Law, a Faculty hub facility, and a series of centrally bookable lecture theatres and teaching spaces.

The complex carefully weaves together old and new (working with a library tower with floor to floor heights of just 2.7m!), creating a use and spatial variety that extends to include:

  • A hub cafe sitting within a triple height entrance hall (animated with stairs / link bridges)
  • Mini-atria within the tower where informal engagement between academics and students is encouraged.
  • Traditional’ classrooms arranged to allow differing group teaching and learning configuration.
  • Individual offices grouped around the atria for independent academic study and research

Externally the building’s new and refaced elevations were composed in a consciously restricted palette of materials – red clay brick brickwork, glazed screens and bronze anodised panels.

They were carefully arranged in different patterns responding to their particular orientation and layered to provide a depth to the facade echoing the Victorian detailing of neighbouring buildings.