LWK Welcomes New Director On-board

LWK & Partners (HK) Ltd is happy to announce that Mr. Paul Wong has joined us on-board as Director of Landscape Design.

As a landscape designer, Paul believes that his mission and responsibility is to create a safe, healthy, convenient, and sustainable living environment where different users can enjoy shared prosperity and quality of life through open space planning and design. Landscape design should seek harmony between man-made artefacts and natural beauty, and aim for integration between the interior and exterior.

Paul said,

“Social progress and the resulting, inevitable urbanisation push our society forward, but it also bears the risk of separating us – humanity – from the primitive nature. We need a medium to re-establish this link, and there is no better solution than the public space. Landscape design, being read as an artistic creation of reality, provides space for artistic conception, where we can explore the new values and methodology of sustainable economic and urban development. There is a duo tangible-intangible facet to landscape design that allows us to find peace and balance in the roaring buzz.”

Paul is dedicated to creating spaces that evoke the beauty of the land and at the same time create surprises for the public. He nurtures his interest in delivering new ideas and contemporary thoughts through exploration of art, poetry and photography. For each of his creative projects, he develops spaces with poetic passion and photographic sensitivity from articulating both hard and soft materials for the function of site and the programming for users. Compared with steel and concrete, both being common hard materials for architectural designs, landscape is often a soft and wondrous medium that can reach people’s hearts with contentment, pleasure and unbounded imagination.

Since Paul has joined LWK in October, he has already started working on various projects, collaborating with other LWK Directors across multiple disciplines to deliver total solutions to the Company’s clients, such as an ecological tourism project in Chengdu, a residential project in Guangzhou, and a leisure and recreation project in Hong Kong.

Paul continued,

“LWK believes in promoting architectural excellence and raising public awareness for good designs, which echoes my own aspirations. With its vast geographical coverage and cross-discipline expertise, it is an excellent platform for ideas to soar. Recent leaps in technology, such as the arrival of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things reveals that future designs must consider the interaction between people and the environment, and LWK is a true pioneer in this aspect with its early strategic investment in BIM and other related architectural technologies. Our society is evolving from dull concrete jungles to living eco+art cities, and I believe we possess the tools and qualities to adapt to the changing environment.”

Mr. Ronald Liang, Founder and Managing Director of LWK, said,

“Paul is an excellent designer with an impressive track record composed of award-winning projects. We are delighted that our visions for architecture align and that he is adding to our comprehensive architectural consultation capabilities with his unique eye. We look forward to the results of this partnership and the amazing designs that will come of it.”