Luxury apartments achieve acoustic performance with Profloor Levelling System

A new development of luxury apartments at 27 Box Lane, Boxmoor, near Hemel Hempstead, which required an acoustic performance between the separating floors, has achieved it thanks to the innovative Profloor Levelling System from The A. Proctor Group Ltd.

The project designed by David Coles Architects and built by privately owned building contractor Priory Gate provided 2 luxury apartment buildings, offering 10 flats, a basement car park and detached executive home.

For conversions and new build developments of flats where impact and airborne sound reduction is mandatory, the Profloor Levelling System is ideal, easy to install, and enables developers and contractors to meet the current legislative performance requirements.

At Box Lane, the differences in the level of the separating floors would have been too great to accommodate a standard acoustic flooring system, and by introducing the Profloor Levelling System allowed a level finished floor to be achieved.

Profloor Levelling System was specifically developed to allow a level finished floor to be installed on a cambered, stepped, or uneven subfloor. The floor is levelled by inserting packers in each levelling base to adjust the level of the timber battens, and create a level finished floor, with no need for wet trades in the process.

Additional products supplied for the project included Frameshield 100 a wall breather membrane. Applied in the factory during manufacture or on site, Frameshield 100 affords effective protection of timber frames during construction against wind-driven rain, snow and dust. Once completed, the high water vapour permeability of Frameshield 100 allows the controlled escape of vapour from within the timber frame whilst restricting the ingress of rain and moisture.