Lighting concepts – the new edition of ALUCOBOND’s digital magazine Forms&Elements

“Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light.“
– Le Corbusier (architect, 1887-1965)

Light is the element which brings a space to life and provides us with visual information about that space within seconds. Lighting concepts, therefore, play a pivotal role in the design process. Each and every room concept has a lighting concept which aims to accentuate focal points. On entering a space, people want to gain an overview, be aware of the dimensions and recognise essentials. The specific metric dimensions of any space only become visually effective when there is light, and only then is architectural space perceptible.

However, daylight is sunlight. And this draws our attention to the other side of the coin, the downside. Where there is a lot of sun, shade is needed. Sun protection provides shade, prevents the building from overheating and acts as anti-glare protection. Positioning is a decisive factor in the effectiveness, and exterior sun protection is the most effective. It prevents heat from even entering the building. To date, shutters are the oldest and the simplest form of exterior sun protection. Fixed, moveable, interchangeable or rotatable sun protection, aluminium slats or hybrid varieties: In this edition, you can discover how effective and varied ALUCOBOND® is, not only for façade design but also as sun protection.

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