Lifecycle of academy walls extended with Yeoman Shield

SPIE, who manage and maintain schools for a variety of institutions nationwide, engaged with Yeoman Shield when carrying out lifecycle works for a group of Salford Schools.

With a requirement for attractive, clean and damage free environments, for the comfort of students and staff, SPIE contracted Yeoman Shield to install their wall protection panels in areas of the schools which were receiving heavy footfall and impact damage.

Having a wide range of colours to choose from, Yeoman Shield were able to provide the wall protection panels in colour schemes to suit those of each individual school. The 2.0 mm thick FalmouthEx or HessianEx protection panels were fitted mainly along corridors, staircases and in congregation areas, such as sports halls and dining areas, to fend off damage caused by everyday pedestrian traffic and the movement of equipment.

Once installed the wall protection panels not only look great but will show a big reduction for the need of redecoration and repair to walls over the lifecycle of the building, showing a year on year saving to maintenance costs.

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