Knauf AMF provide world class acoustic design

The R&A worldwide golf governing body based at St Andrews, has a purpose-built equipment testing centre, Allan Robertson House. The building accommodates the R&A’s Equipment Standards Department and offers world class testing and research facilities. The new building utilises the latest technology, is energy efficient, maximises the use of natural daylight and uses sustainable materials. Heradesign® and Thermatex® ceilings from Knauf AMF are fitted throughout to provide essential sound attenuation, add aesthetic appeal and meet environmental requirements.

The R&A’s Equipment Standards department tests thousands of golf balls and clubs every year to ensure they conform to the Equipment Rules. Some of the machinery deployed here has the potential to create an acoustically uncomfortable working environment. To reduce the noise level, Neil Simpson, Lead Partner at Wellwood Leslie Architects, specified Heradesign®.

Acoustic control was a key requirement when it came to choosing a suitable ceiling for the testing labs because it had to counterbalance the hard reverberant surfaces fitted in these areas. Heradesign offers the necessary Class A sound absorption and sound attenuation, helping to create a comfortable working environment.”

Heradesign® is ideal for the test centre because it offers outstanding sound absorption, excellent impact resistance and a high fire safety rating. The centre has open plan office areas as well as conference rooms where private meetings take place. Heradesign® ceilings were installed in both areas to help maintain a comfortable level of ambient sound to aid concentration in the open spaces and improve privacy in the meeting rooms.

The ceiling design in the office areas called for an innovative approach. Heradesign® is installed along the sloped roof with strip lighting alongside each plank. The architect was impressed by how closely Heradesign® fitted against the roof while ensuring a sufficient gap for services with losing the least amount of ceiling height.

Knauf AMF are well-known for their commitment to the environment. Heradesign® is a sustainable product which has received the ‘building biology harmless’ certificate. This means its raw materials are safe for the building and its occupants. Heradesign® is fully recyclable at the end of use. The environmental credentials of Heradesign® closely align with the project’s sustainable design ethos.

Thermatex® Alpha ceilings were specified for the circulation areas. Architect, Neil Simpson explained why:

The ceilings in these areas have plasterboard on the outer edges with Thermatex® running alongside in the centre. The bright white, smooth surface of Thermatex® is a good match with the plaster and adds visual interest to the ceiling. Thermatex® allows easy access to services above the ceiling. It also provides the essential sound insulation to prevent the impact of footsteps and doors closing from transferring to adjacent rooms.”

Thermatex® Alpha combines superior sound attenuation and high absorption values with an elegant smooth surface finish. The ceiling is manufactured from bio-soluable mineral wool which is a sustainable and renewable raw material. Thermatex® Alpha ceiling tiles are robust, easy to handle; they can be removed and reinstated without losing their shape or colour.

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