Kemperol V210 gives great performance at Odyssey Arena

The likes of One Direction and The Who may be confident of a warm welcome when they play Belfast’s Odyssey Arena this year, but even they stand no chance of razing the roof thanks to a roof refurbishment using Kemper System’s Kemperol V210.

Carried out by roofing contractor, GBS Roofing Ltd, the refurbishment involves repairs to the joints on the roof of the 10,800 capacity stadium, which plays hosts to a wide range of sporting events and exhibitions as well as providing a venue for the world’s pop and rock royalty.

Originally opened in 2000 as a millennium project, the arena has a domed metal roof, constructed in ‘cake slice’ sections, and the original membrane used to waterproof the ridges that connect each slice was starting to fail.

With its BBA-accredited 25-year service life, Kemperol V210 was specified as a long-term replacement.

The size, height and steep curve of the roof surface meant that the GBS team had to gain rope access to the roof and a safety line was erected. The installation team began by thoroughly cleaning each joint and removing any loose material before applying Kemper System’s ‘D’ Primer.

Once the primer had cured, the Kemperol V210 resin was applied onto each joint. The resin saturates a reinforcement fleece and cures to form a tough, durable membrane that is UV stable and permanently elastic.

Explains Barry Mairs from GBS Roofing:

“The size, height and design of the roof mean that it is very difficult to access for repairs and refurbishment so it was very important for us to select a waterproofing membrane that will provide a long service life.

“Because of the access and safety considerations it was quite a painstaking process but the Kemperol V210 system meant that we could focus on completing each individual joint in a single process, one at a time.”