Kemper System delivers roof refurbishment to Art Deco gem

The roof of an occupied 1930s art deco municipal office building, situated in the busy town centre of Blackpool, Lancashire, required urgent repair.

The building was experiencing standing water on a largely zero falls roof with only four drainage outlets, meaning water had started to leak into the occupied offices below.

Kemper System’s Stratex Warm Roof system using its Kemperol V210 was specified for the 1,200m² roof area – offering exceptional performance and supplied as a complete integrated system of matched components.

The roof was extremely complex with detailing around air-conditioning units, raised steelwork and cable trays in close proximity. Contractors also removed and replaced eight rooflights and boxed-in others that were no longer required. All existing steel work on the roof was treated and encapsulated with plywood and waterproofed with Kemperol to ensure additional life span.

The cold-applied Kemperol V210 liquid resin saturates a non-woven reinforcement fleece that is tailored to the exact contours and details of the roof. The waterproofing is installed in a single process and cures to provide a robust waterproof membrane that cannot delaminate and is UV stable.

Mark Atherton, managing director at Castle Contractors, said:

“There were three main challenges to overcome on this project – the safe removal of the existing ballast, cleaning of the roof prior to application, and the creation of drainage channels to carry water to the outlets.”

The project was shortlisted for the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Awards due to the complexity of the roof which made this an ideal project for a liquid applied membrane, the technical solution offered, and the difficulties experienced with site preparation and logistics.