Johnson and Starley’s Quantec boiler range gets new ultra high energy efficient LPG model

With some 2.5 million households in the UK not connected to mains gas and many using liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to heat their homes, Johnson & Starley has introduced the Quantec 28kW  LPG combination condensing boiler.

It offers exceptional efficiency in LPG consumption with its integral Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery (PFGHR) function, which enables the production of domestic hot water to condense as well as the heating with savings up to 26 per cent.

All this in a case the size of a standard combi boiler.  In addition to permanent housing, this new Quantec boiler is ideal for use by off-grid owners of holiday homes and residential park accommodation as well as owners of smaller commercial premises. Its ease of installation and range of vertical and horizontal flueing options will be a major attraction.

The Quantec HR28CP fired boiler heats water to provide both central heating and domestic hot water (DHW). Whilst a number of factors can affect energy bills, including the age of a house and its insulation, the Quantec LPG’s full condense PFGHR technology can offer savings of up to 25 per cent in energy consumption and savings of up to 26 per cent in hot water demand, when compared with a typical water heater.

This very high efficiency is achieved with full heat condense heat exchanger which incorporates a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) pre-heating function. This is achieved by extending the path of the flue way to pre-heat the water circulating in the additional coil on the back of the heat exchanger, utilising all the energy from the flue gases, which would normally be wasted to atmosphere.

This PFGHR device has been designed as an integral part of the boiler, conveniently keeping its height the same as that of a standard combination boiler. The high performance stainless steel Sermeta isothermic heat exchanger and all other serviceable components can be easily accessed, including the pressure vessel, from the front of the appliance.

The Energy related Products Directive (ErP), introduced to help EU countries reduce energy usage and emissions, has meant that since September 2015 boilers and heating products are labelled to show their energy efficiency. The new Quantec 28kW LPG high efficiency boiler is fully ErP compliant, being Band A rated for both heating and domestic hot water.

High energy efficiency is just one of a number of advantages offered by the new boiler. Its size and light weight promote easy installation whilst the considerably reduced CO2 emissions and the boiler’s 100per cent recyclability make it an attractive proposition from an environmental standpoint for users and installers alike. The HR28CP also comes with a free five year parts and labour guarantee.