Jean Nouvel: Triptyques

“I want colored mirrors; they are the key to this story. Some are fixed, others shift, others are angled … sometimes two or three models are in different scales, their meaning is established by the interior.”

– Jean Nouvel

Following Jean Nouvel’s exhibition of exclusive designs Table au KM and Boite à outils at Gagosian Paris Project Space in 2011, Gagosian London, once again in collaboration with Galerie Patrick Seguin, is pleased to present Triptyques, his latest design of a series of limited-edition mirrors.

Like many of his Modernist predecessors who worked across related disciplines, Nouvel describes himself as an architect who also makes design. His non-architectural products derive from his architectural commissions, or from alternative visions that correspond to his building design but which are linked to specific use. Regardless of the scale of the object or the architecture, Nouvel employs the same rigorous approach, imbuing the objects and accoutrements of everyday life with a lyricism that is striking and emotive yet austere and utilitarian.

As the title suggests, Triptyques are three-paneled colored mirrors, each in an edition of six. The central panel is fixed to the wall while flanking and cantilevered panels are engineered to be moveable. Four mirrors will be presented, each different in color and orientation. As Nouvel says, “The mirror is a piece that you want to live with, in which you reflect intimate images–images from your home; you can capture a piece of a window in it somewhere. Dense dark blues; dense dark greens.” The available colors range from dark orange and light orange, to blood orange to red, Nouvel’s signature color.

The mirror finds its essence whether open or closed. When opened these mirrors bring out the importance of color in their surroundings; when closed they preserve a certain austere elegance.

Ref: 85874