It’s springtime so thoughts turn to outdoors entertaining.

One of the simplest and fastest ways to create quality timber decks is to use Wallbarn timber tiles.

Manufactured from South American hardwood, these square tiles are pre-assembled into 500 x 500 x 30mm square tiles. They are installed as part of a suspended system, resting on the Wallbarn ASP pedestals. Other sizes of pre-assembled tiles are also available.

By being suspended over the structural deck, all the timber is clear of the surface beneath, which means no timber is left in standing water and there is always adequate drainage under the decking.

This prevents standing water causing slip hazards and puddling on the surface.

The installation is super-fast and easy, decks are laid twice as fast as with long planks. The ASP pedestals are adjusted in height to create a level and flat upper surface even though the deck beneath below has been laid to a fall. The square shape of the tiles combines the speed and ease of laying slabs with the natural beauty of luxurious hardwood. Stunning finishes are achieved. If the deck beneath ever needs inspecting, a tile can be easily lifted to give access.

All our timber is supplied from sustainable sources and we have access to FSC ® certified timber. A large range of different timber species and profiles are available.

Please ask Wallbarn for more details.