Introducing FlowDisc: the clean, quiet and high-performing circular ceiling diffuser

Our well-being, comfort, productivity and social interactions are constantly affected by background noise. HVAC equipment is often considered synonymous with irritating background noise, but this can stand no longer; noise reduction is now becoming a key design factor and expectation for air distribution systems.

Following our acquisition by heating and ventilation specialists, Swegon AB, our Air Diffusion brand are currently expanding their range of products. From Thursday 14th September 2017, the FlowDisc circular ceiling diffuser will be a member of the Air Diffusion family, available for use on a variety of projects and purposes to satisfy designers’ air distribution requirements.

FlowDisc has been designed to cause as little disturbance to its surroundings as possible. A foam insert on the upper plate of the diffuser functions to cushion supply air as it hits the plate and thus reduce noise.

The diffuser is used for supplying and extracting air, engineered to be quiet, aesthetically pleasing and incredibly simple to install and maintain. It consists of 2 parts – a flat upper section and a removable diffuser face, making it quick and easy to access for maintenance and cleaning. This means a HVAC system no longer needs to be unattractive and left to build up with dust, dirt and oils which inevitably affect a system’s performance.

The bottom plate of the FlowDisc has two height settings, making the slot opening and air volume adjustable in size. This caters to the individual needs of the space and its visitors. The upper plate has a completely flat surface so that it can be mounted fully sealed onto a concrete ceiling and blend into the ceiling and overall design of the space.

The clean look and simple functions of FlowDisc make it the perfect, high-end alternative to a bathroom extract; well designed to be used in luxury hotels and chic apartment blocks. FlowDisc is also well suited for application as a ceiling supply diffuser in apartment entrance halls, commercial office or retail spaces and even residential properties.

The adjustable, high-performing and discrete design of FlowDisc means the requirements of architects, consultants, installers and users are satisfied. FlowDisc is an obvious choice for designers when planning out a building’s interior air distribution system.

We are excited to introduce you to our FlowDisc ceiling diffuser. It is a fantastic option when selecting a high performing air distribution system that satisfies the demands of designers for a diffuser that is quiet, easy to install and maintain and that has a clean aesthetic appearance.