Interim Director of the Architectural Association gives assurances that exhibitions and publications will continue

Samantha Hardingham, The AA’s Interim School Director, gave assurances about the future of the AA in a statement. She said:

“I would like to thank all the people who have been in touch with me in recent weeks to express their concern about the future of the AA and I would like to reassure them that all the things for which the AA is well-known and admired will continue in the future.

All the activities of the AA will remain; the AA will continue to publish exceptional books and publications including the AA Files; the AA will continue to exhibit great and ground-breaking work; the AA will continue to fund-raise. And to all who have written and commented on our current financial  circumstances, the AA will most definitely continue to reach out for funding support for much needed scholarships and bursaries to help the most talented students from the UK and around the world to study at the AA. We will continue to seek funds for special projects  that push us to expand our architectural horizons.

In order to address our future, the AA is entering into a period of discussion with its students, staff, trustees, alumni and supporters. This week the AA’s School Community has been meeting together and joining in an open conversation to become better informed about how to imagine our future. I sincerely hope that the intense interest that is currently being shown will be translated into tangible support and generosity for our students and the School that we all love so dearly.”

Samantha Hardingham is the first woman to take the role of interim director of the AA School and her appointment coincides with the centenary of Women at the Architectural Association. The search for the AA’s new director is underway.