Interface designs adapt to the business at Imperial Tobacco HQ

Interface carpet tiles have been fitted in the development of the Imperial Tobacco head quarters in Bristol, using the manufacturer’s unique glue-less installation system.

TacTiles™, small adhesive squares placed in the corners of each carpet tile, seamlessly connect the tiles to each other, rather than the subfloor, creating a secure floating floor, which won’t cause any permanent damage to the surface.

Rhiannon Thomas, Senior Interior Designer at AWW Architects, who specified TacTiles™, said:

“As partitioning systems have been used to create individual offices in the open plan areas, Imperial Tobacco needed semi permanent flooring designs that could be changed to reflect a change in size or layout in the future.”

As a more flexible alternative to spread adhesives, TacTiles™ allow carpet tiles to be easily removed and relayed for maximum flexibility in design. Individual carpet tiles can be lifted and replaced with new or existing tiles from elsewhere in the building quickly and easily, without the need for adhesives, saving the end user time and money.

Rhiannon added:

“TacTiles™ were the ideal choice, as the flooring can be adapted easily and efficiently as the team and office layout changes. The system is also a great way to improve maintenance cycles by providing a quick and easy solution to spillages and stains, as tiles can be removed rather than having to replace the whole carpet.

Kevin Lewis, Managing Director of Craftsman Flooring Limited of Port Talbot, who installed the products, added:

“This was a big project so we needed a way of installing the carpet tiles that would allow us to get the job compeleted on time. TacTiles™ gave us more flexibility than standard tackifiers, as we didnt need to wait for the adhesive to dry, which meant a reduction in the overall installation time. Because of this, we were able to offer Imperial Tobacco a much more efficient, cost effective service.”

Sustainability was also an important factor in the specification, as the company wanted a low environmental impact flooring solution. By dramatically reducing the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), TacTiles™ offer a cleaner, more environmentally friendly alternative to other systems, without harsh, odorous chemicals.

Tony Ward, Account Manager at Interface, said:

“TacTiles™ are unique to Interface and provide complete flexibility as well as lower VOCs. They also generate less waste during the installation process, and have an environmental footprint that is 90 per cent lower than traditional glues.”

Carpet tiles from Interface’s Furrows range were fitted using 3000 m2 of TacTiles™. The tufted patterned structured loop pile tile, designed for use in heavy contract environments, was also an ideal way to lengthen maintenance cycles in a busy office setting and was specified for its durability. Complementary neutral colours – Hemp and Buckwheat were chosen to create a subtle contrast and add texture to the design.