Inspirational texture & colour

Texture, Colour and Design are increasingly important decisions when potential students choose a higher education college or university. Research shows that over a third of students reject a college or university due to the lack of quality of its building and lack of facilities.

The research involved 1,000 British students who were questioned over their views on the quality of their university campus.

With competition amongst universities and colleges becoming ever more fierce, it’s little wonder these institutions are choosing to invest in excellent design.

At Paragon Carpets our new range of Multi-level carpet tiles called the Inspiration Collection focuses on colours and textures found in natural flora and fauna. This allows designers to create interesting aesthetics to encourage positive mood responses and productive students. Flooring colour and shape can also be used to generate unique wayfaring schemes rather than using a proliferation of expensive signage has confirmed Paragon as a unique and education focused manufacturer in the market.

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