Innovative decking and modular green roof systems from Wallbarn

iDecking EasyClick

iDecking EasyClick is the revolutionary new way to fit top quality decking.

EasyClick is a fast and easy way to fit top quality composite and tropical hardwood decking.

No screws, no fixings and no timber joists are required. Every element is pre-measured and fits exactly. It is almost impossible to fix this decking incorrectly. EasyClick is extremely strong. The boards are fitted to aluminium joists for increased bearing capacity.

Construction is up to 5 times faster than traditional methods. It is almost impossible to go wrong.

EasyClick is ideal for retro-fitting ad the whole system is only 52mm high. Tight door thresholds and additional layers of insulation are easily accommodated.

The decking boards are manufactured with grooves on the underside, designed to fit into special mounting clips secured onto aluminium battens. Installation is simply a matter of stamping down on the boards.

EasyClick uses the eco-friendly DURO EXCELLENCE composite material. The boards are made from recycled rice husks which would otherwise be burnt. Therefore, CO2 emissions and pollution are reduced. The material is hardwearing, resistant to moisture and insect damage and is extremely luxurious and beautiful.

M-Tray® is the next generation of modular green roof system. It is designed for extensive green roof systems, suitable for sedum and wildflower planting schemes.

Wallbarn’s new design gives more space for the roots to grow and offers optimum drainage, meaning stronger, healthier plants. The modules are easier to carry with hand grips and rounded edges, so the risk of damage is avoided. The modules clip together more tightly and securely, giving a more seamless appearance.

Installation is fast and mess-free. Nothing spills out and M-tray® can be installed in areas where roll-out green roofs cannot. One person can carry each tray easily, with often difficult-to-reach areas now accessible.

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