Imagine a world with linoleum – the great architects and designers did!

Many inventions fall by the wayside quicker than you can say ‘flash in the pan’, but when a product is still a best-seller 150 years later, it has undoubtedly passed every test set by generations of architects, designers, specifiers and contractors.

In 1863, inventor Frederick Walton patented Linoleum, a tough, low-maintenance flooring made of natural materials, which looked fantastic. Now, in 2013, the DLW Linoleum range still boasts those virtues, but has added a range of eye-catching colours and choice of surface treatments to reduce cleaning and virtually eliminate polishing.

The flooring may have been invented in the 1800s, but DLW Linoleum could have been created to meets the demands of the 21st century:

  • it’s available in many vibrant colours for designers to create strong identities;
  • it has impeccable environmental credentials, because it’s made of natural, mostly renewable, raw materials such as cork, jute and linseed oil;
  • it is hygienic, easy to clean and has anti-bacterial properties;
  • it has a long lifespan;
  • acoustic versions are available.

Christophe Bruyere, Gerfor’s Operational Marketing Director, commented:

“Linoleum is a real design classic. It was an important material for Bauhaus architects such as Walter Gropius and, later, leading designers and architects such as Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier loved to work with linoleum and it’s still specified by leading architects today.

“The main production and ingredient features are the same as always, but DLW Linoleum is the only manufacturer to use cork, which makes it warmer underfoot, more flexible and easier to fit and it offers a really wide and fantastic colour range: these brilliant colours wouldn’t have been possible in the past.”

Distributed in the UK and Ireland by international flooring specialists Gerflor, DLW Linoleum is available in several ranges, including best-sellers Marmorette and Colorette, and is specified in health and education sectors, as well as for retail and office environments.

Available in several thicknesses for different solutions, the surface of DLW Linoleum is coated in a protective layer to protect against damage by moisture, stains, or abrasive dirt. The tried and test PUR Eco System forms a strong bond with the Linoleum to create a permanently durable, abrasion-resistant surface with enhanced resistance to chemicals and staining and is often used in areas such as hospitals, nursing homes and laboratories where cleaning is frequent and aggressive, while the LPX Finish has been developed to offer full protection at a competitive price for nurseries, schools and universities.

DLW Linoleum’s Marmorette and Colorette are best-sellers for a reason. Marmorette is available in three thicknesses, 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3.2mm, and has 51 choices in its palette, including new powerful colours. Colorette is bright, vibrant and slightly textured in 23 colours and three depths between 2mm and 3.2mm. As well as being slip, flame and heat resistant, both ranges have acoustic options. Two completely new ranges have also been created. Lino Art Star offers a fruity fresh appearance. As well as nine deep new shades ranging from lime green to Olympic blue, the range includes three shades of grey and a deep black. Linorette is reminiscent of minerals and geological formations, offering nine highly marbled shades in contrasting colours.

Christophe Bruyere commented:

“There are bright, vibrant colours and subtle greys and natural shades which can be harmoniously combined, making them ideal for the requirements of architects, designers and users.”

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