iDecking Revolution comes to UK


Wallbarn is the exclusive distributor in UK for iDecking, the innovative new system for hardwood and composite decking and cladding. Wallbarn is iDecking UK.

iDecking patented systems EasyClick & EasyChange are the simplified, super-fast, super-accurate ways of constructing timber decking and cladding areas for luxurious, strong and hardwearing finishes. Advantages include:

  • Install decking without any visible screws using just your feet
  • Change or remove deck boards without cutting or using screwdrivers
  • Avoid discolouration and splinters
  • Install decking and cladding 3 times faster than traditional methods
  • Create heavy load bearing deck systems without constructing softwood joist
  • Choose from a range of stunning finishes in composite material
  • Choose from a range of superior hardwoods including 100% FSC® certified timber
  • Use the most innovative, Eco-Friendly composite decking made from Rice Husk

The deck boards are grooved on the underside, fixing onto the metal battens beneath. They click into the specially designed fixing clips. No measuring or constant repositioning is required. Everything is pre-measured and manufactured in the factory. Once the system is delivered, it is impossible to go wrong and the boards always have identical spacing between them.

Decking and cladding is now assembled, not constructed. EasyClick & EasyChange from iDecking offer opportunities to alleviate all common issues and problems associated with traditional decking. A revolution is coming.

See us on stand number B3/401 and T3/515

Visit the Wallbarn UK website or the iDecking UK website.