ICONOVA: Adding value to its Environment

Iconova Residential Complex designed by Tago Architects with an innovative approach, establishes a center of attraction for the city of Gaziantep representing environmental awareness that feeds from, and in return adds value to its environment making use of the local potential.

The need for new residential areas is increasing in Gaziantep, which is the fastest growing and most rapidly changing city in the Southeast Anatolian Region. On the other hand, the growing needs and environmental problems with the increasing population require new building projects that take into account these new requirements.

In the Iconova project, which is designed with an innovative approach, the aim was to create not only a housing estate but also to establish a center of attraction for the city representing environmental awareness that feeds from, and in return adds value to, its environment making use of the local potential. Thus, the city has gained a new complex that can guide the shaping of the region.

When we look closer at the culture and the daily life in Gaziantep we see that people enjoy living together as large families, and prefer to construct their houses accordingly. The integrated living in these large houses plays a significant role in the social life in Gaziantep.

The form of the complex is made up of curves following one another and constituting a whole. A single whole is imagined with this form and a new dynamic silhouette was created for Gaziantep. The buildings have been located so that the blocks will be making the optimum use of the south facade and so that the residences will have a view of a single, complete garden where the sports fields and the other functions have been included.

The frontal facade of the Iconova project, which is made up of 7 residence towers, 2 shopping floors, 2 social and cultural activities floors, and 4 parking lot floors has been drawn back 20 meters from the road creating an urban area in front of the complex. A green space and open parking lot have been located in this area. This has created a green view for the residences.

The construction of the Iconova project has been programmed in two stages, and the traffic scenario has been solved taking into account the connections of the parcel with the main traffic arteries, and according to the stages of construction. A ring road has been designed around the complex enabling access to the block entrances from the open and closed parking lot areas at the 0.00 level. Again, at this level a closed parking lot has been built with a capacity of approximately 1,000 cars with access from the 2 main entrances-exits and 1 service entry-exit.

Project Name: Iconova
Architectural Design Office: TAGO Architects
Designer: Gokhan Altan Aktug
Design Team: Mevlut Duymaz, Muge Eker Eryayar, Emre Kurbak, Emre Ertugrul, İlksen Aris İgci, Pinar Bingol, Duygu Temel Oralkan , Burcu Adali
Project Location: Gaziantep / Turkey
Project Type: Housing
Total Project Area: 245.000 sqm