How to create a practical garden space

If you are looking to redesign your garden and create a more practical space then the list of things to do can be long. This article takes a look at some of the things you can do to get your lawn looking luscious and your flower beds fantastic leaving you with the rest of the summer to relax in style.

1. The foundation of any great garden is a healthy lawn. During the summer months it should look lush and green, but often grass can look patchy and mottled. Investing some time in transforming this important part of any garden will be time well spent. Ensure that it is well-hydrated and purchase some lawn feed to help promote faster growth and thicker grass. Remember, lawns don’t just have to be rectangular in shape. Why not get creative with the space you have and fashion into a circle or hexagon.

2. Depending on the size of your garden, then you could always install a decked area, perfect for those summer barbeques and family lunches. Decking can be easy to install if you know what you are doing and there are a number of helpful websites that can be referred to for guidance. However, for the novice, it may be wise to hire a professional joiner who will come in take care of the whole process for you, often for a very reasonable price.

3. Add a pop of colour to your garden by spending the time planting and maintaining your flower beds. A border of a metre is plenty of space to grow some bright and colourful shrubs and plants that will add character to your outdoor space. You can place taller plants at the back and for something a little different why not add some creeper plants to a trellis and fix to your wall? A variety of plants and shades will create the illusion of depth and make really make the space come alive.

4. A summerhouse is the perfect addition to any garden and can be used for multiple purposes. Some of the best summerhouses can be found at Buy Sheds Direct. They have a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any budget, so why not make one the charming main feature of your garden. These practical and functional houses can be used for lazy afternoons in the garden, to have a few drinks in and some people even sleep in them so there really is no limit to the uses they can have. If you are interested in getting a summerhouse for your garden, you can view Buy Sheds Direct’s products here:

5. Professional landscaping can really set your garden apart from the neighbours. This is the opportunity to create a theme for the space and your chance to add some quirky features, giving it a real edge. A small pond may sound like a daunting challenge but with expert help, it is quick and easy to achieve. Why not add a mini fountain for the birds or even add some fish?

Gravel can create a chic alternative to wood chips if you are looking to break up the garden into sections and garden ornaments can be used as markers. If you want to add a sofa seating area, think about putting down some paving stones in a stylish grey for an extra sophisticated look.

6. Know your boundaries. While you are creating your own private Eden it is important not to encroach on your neighbour’s area or start to make vast changes that will affect them. To effectively differentiate between your space and theirs, perhaps install some beautifully crafted bespoke fencing in a cream or charcoal colour rather than the traditional terracotta to mark out your area and keep everything looking neat.

7. The type of greenery you have in your garden will often be determined by the climate, but why stick to the same old boring plants. Why not add in some alluring aloe vera or even a cactus. You should also think about what colours the plants will be when they bloom. Foxgloves come in very pretty pinks, purples and whites so why not contrast them with the more exotic shades of sunflower yellow and the deep red hue of a photinia.

8. Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh herbs? So consider growing your own. A small herb garden just to the rear of the summerhouse looks incredibly attractive and is a great way to get the whole family involved. Experiment with different kinds such as oregano, rosemary, thyme and basil and you will never have to buy herbs again.

However, you decide to style your garden, ensure to plan the whole process start to finish, do plenty of research and get professional help where you need it. Don’t wait till until next summer to create your perfect space – do it now.