How many people does it take to keep cigarette litter off your streets?

Just one. It could be you.

Deciding to deploy Smartstreets-Smartbins across the street scene can be the tipping point after which convenient, predictably located cigarette bins start to take the strain off your cleansing teams, gathering more cigarette litter than you imagined possible.

Just 365 twin Smartstreets-Smartbins deployed in the City of London are collecting 27 million cigarette ends every year. Which means less litter, cleaner streets and more efficient cleansing spend.

Smartbins make litter disposal easier and more convenient for everyone and encourage people to be a bigger part of the solution to micro litter. As your Smartbin network grows street by street, cigarette bins become regularly spaced, predictably located and quick to reach the moment they are needed. It’s a unique, patented approach which leverages new value from existing street furniture, clamping specially designed bins around any size or style of lamp post or sign post, without adding clutter to the street scene.

It’s the only bin system like it on the market and it is very effective.

But don’t take our word for it. Click here to see a video case study made by the City of London which explains how Smartbins and Minibins have become a central component of their highly effective ‘No ifs. No butts.’ strategy which has reduced smoking related litter in the Square Mile by 64% since the Smartbins were deployed.

Smartstreets product range has just won it’s 12th international product design award and now includes beautifully designed campaign pocket ashtrays, bike parking, and gum/dog waste solutions. A brief video introduction is also available here.

To find out more or to book a survey, please call 0800 328 9390 today and discover how Smartstreets can help you take cigarette litter off your streets.