How a WC is helping one man get his privacy back

When electrician Kyle McAdam Whyte arranged to go out with friends four years ago, he little realised the consequences: it would involve him losing even his ability to go to the loo without help.

The car in which he was passenger was involved in an accident, which left Kyle unconscious and with life-changing injuries. High level spinal damage has left him unable to do most things for himself – even daily activities such as going to the toilet. So, he has used some of his compensation to adapt his family home, and install the latest in smart toilet technology – a Closomat Asana.

The contemporary, sleek wall-hung WC delivers what is claimed to be the ultimate in intimate care, by push button or remote control. Integrated douching and drying deliver hygienic and thorough cleaning.  The user is left feeling fresh and dry without any need to wipe- or be wiped.

Asana also offers unrivalled personalisation: the concealed cistern can be built into the wall, or hidden behind a choice of sleek back panels in a choice of finishes; operation can be via the integrated push buttons on the edge of the pan, remote control, or, if being used as a conventional WC, via a choice of smart flush devices.

He explained.

“My carers have to do everything for me. I wanted some privacy back, my injuries don’t mean I can’t have living space that looks good! The architect designing the alterations to my home told me about Closomat: I had a look on the website and saw the Asana.

“It looks much better than anything else like it on the market. Also, in my opinion, it washes and dries more effectively too. I feel much cleaner.”

Kyle (27) has specified his Asana with a solid white back panel, and chrome finish Oyster flush pad.

“I am having to have major alterations done to live at home, including widened doors, a lift between floors, and ramps. Having spent almost a year in hospital, it is important to me that my home doesn’t look like an institution. The Closomat is one way I can still have a home that is functional but stylish.”

Asana is the latest evolution of smart toilets from the UK’s brand leader, Closomat. Founded almost 60 years ago, the company was the first to introduce the concept of toilets that washed and dried the user to the UK. Its Palma Vita floor-mounted unit is now the biggest selling WC of its type, and the only one developed specifically for disabled and elderly people.

Closomat is also the only shower toilet manufacturer that has UK-based sales and aftercare support, complete with its own dedicated team of service engineers. It is also unique in offering a selection of service & maintenance packages, to give peace of mind for the long-term future, enabling its units to deliver ultimate hygiene & cleanliness for decades.