Housing development in rural parish built to Passive House standards

Passive House developments are required to be energy efficient, comfortable and affordable, so it was essential that a quality heat recovery (MVHR) ventilation system was specified, enabling the properties to meet stringent energy performance criteria and achieve a comfortable all-year-round indoor climate.

The Hatfield Heath project emerged after a housing needs survey prompted the local parish council to approach Hastoe Housing Association, a specialist rural housing provider, to take on the project.

Hastoe is known for its ability to provide good standards of design and construction for social housing, particularly rural exception sites and decided to use the Passive House standard for this project combined with their chosen regulations, codes and standards.

Passive House developments are required to be energy efficient, comfortable and affordable, so it was essential that a quality heat recover (MVHR) ventilation system was specified, enabling the properties to meet stringent energy performance criteria and achieve a comfortable all-year-round indoor climate.

Guaranteeing the provision of optimum quality indoor air all year round, the CA200 is designed specifically for properties up to 110m2, so was an ideal choice.

Furthermore, while the average MVHR unit on the market stands at between 75 and 80 per cent efficiency, Zehnder’s CA200 model offers an outstanding 92 per cent heat exchange efficiency rate.

It also has a filtered bypass, which ensures that during warmer summer months the internal environment remains comfortable. Ventilation is provided continuously whithout recovering the heat from extract air – which can assist with reducing summertime overheating.

Dan Higginbotham from Architects Parsons + Whittley commented”

“We believe strongly in the Passive House approach. The equipment and technical support provided by Zehnder gives us confidence in the occupants of these dwellings being fully satisfied with both comfort and energy use.”