HLM to invest £250,000 in new Training Academy launch

HLM, a leading architectural practice has announced the launch of ‘HLM Academy’ — an in-house professional excellence programme which will help ensure that all employees have the opportunity and resources to reach their full potential.

The Training Academy will be available to all 200 staff — management, design and administration — based across the company’s eight offices and to the subsidiaries within the wider group. Every employee will be provided with a personalised career development plan, which will identify and enhance their strengths, whilst working on those areas where further support and training is required. The Academy will also help those who wish to develop specific aspects of their role or take on additional responsibilities.

Commenting on the new Academy, Karen Mosley, a director at HLM, said:

“We are delighted to announce the launch of the HLM Academy, which will provide all staff with a unique blueprint for their career.”

“We’ve always taken the development of our staff seriously but the Academy will provide the structure for individuals to really excel. We have recently re-affirmed our mission and vision, which will be embedded in everything we do, and the Academy underpins our core values of People, Quality and Clients. Critical to our success is everyone playing to their strengths — doing what they do best — as well as being recognised for the value they add to our business.”

“All existing and new employees will be enrolled into the Academy and because everyone is unique — with different strengths and aspirations — we will design a tailored career path with them. At HLM we know that every person matters and everyone adds value, and that everyone needs to be valued.”

“The launch of the HLM Academy will put training and development at the heart of our business and will become an integral part of life here at HLM. It is a very clear demonstration that we are committed to not only providing a great place to work, but a place where everyone can grow and develop.”

HLM’s commitment to staff development has already been recognised by the industry: in a recent survey conducted by Building Magazine, HLM came out as one of the top 50 employers in the UK’s construction sector.