HLM associate joins panel of industry experts at BIM conference in Edinburgh

With the Scottish Government aiming to adopt a BIM Level 2 approach across public sector projects by April 2017, Paul Tunstall, associate at architectural practice HLM joins a panel of industry experts, architects and technology leaders at the BIM in Scotland conference in Edinburgh this month to illustrate how BIM theory can give competitive advantages to companies in Scotland.

Tunstall will discuss HLM’s broad experience of BIM and expertise in using it through the project lifecycle, starting from the initial decision on which platform to use through to challenges encountered in a large multinational implementation. As part of his presentation, Tunstall will also explore how he envisages the HLM practice and the wider architectural industry developing.

Providing architectural, landscape architecture, interior design and environmental design services, in recent years HLM has expanded operations to six offices in the UK and two others internationally.

HLM has a one-team culture which creates a platform for all its UK and overseas offices to share both workload and resources.  This poses a challenging environment for its BIM activities to ensure consistency in quality and timely delivery. Tunstall said:

“HLM was one of the first architectural practices in the UK to achieve certification through the Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) Business Certification Scheme, firmly establishing it as a leading BIM Level 2 compliant organisation.

“My presentation will explore the concept of ‘Wide Area BIM’ and demonstrate some of the systems and tools that help make it possible.”

Tunstall has been an employee of HLM for over 18 years, implementing CAD and BIM systems across the group and providing training and support for its team of over 200 employees. He leads a team of Information Managers having the technical skills to support HLM’s many software tools and systems, under a group-wide Technology Team.

The UK Government implemented a mandate for BIM on all of its public-sector projects in April of this year and Tunstall was instrumental in ensuring that HLM had the preparation and knowledge to undertake any project required to deliver BIM Level 2, well in advance of the deadline by guiding the practice through the BRE Business Certification Scheme.

As a member of the BuildingSMART organisation in the UK, he represents HLM in workshops and discussions to maintain HLM’s alignment with BIM and associated initiatives, both in the UK and internationally.

The BIM in Scotland conference is free to attend and takes place in Edinburgh on Wednesday 21 September 2016.