Heating solutions from TEC UK

Counterflow Plate Heat Exchangers
In efficiency terms Klingenburg Counterflow Plate Heat Exchangers are world champions. recovering up to 90 per cent (by rigorous calculations) of existing room heat or cold. This makes them perfect for any ventilation system – from small apartments to office complexes, farm stables to swimming pools and refrigerated stores to warehouses. The possibilities are practically endless.

Broadly speaking, counterflow exchangers are used wherever a circulation of air is undesirable. since in this design the airstreams are wholly separated.

TEC UK a division of Klingenburg GmbH offer ten standard sizes of countflow exchangers in aluminium – the widest range around. from the hand-sized GS 16 for the smallest spaces and shallow suspended ceilings to the generously proportioned GS 110.

Condensing Gas Heating Modules
Apen heat exchanger designed by the Apen Group have developed PCH/new heating modules for installation in air handling and roof-top units. PCH module is built with environment-friendly, totally recyclable materials, such as stainless steel and aluminium.

The heat produced using PCH module’s “clean combustion” is earth-friendly and convenient.

A microprocessor-based device controls continuous modulation of thermal power output and adjusts it to heat requirements. When modulation of heat output is enabled, an advanced regulating device installed on the main burner monitors and adjusts flow rates of combustion air and gas.

New Gas Modules PCH/new present an extended power range which goes from 5 kW to 400 kW. This result is achieved thanks to the possibility to assemble standard modules in parallel configuration.