Heat Network Regulations update announced

Following Brexit and the appointment of the new Prime Minister, some changes have been announced that affect the Heat Network Metering & Billing Regulations for district and communal heating systems.

The regulations were previously enforced by DECC with the National Measurement and Regulations Office (NMRO), which have both now been integrated into the new Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The purpose of the Heat Network regulations is to allow users of heating, cooling and hot water supplies to be aware of the level of their consumption. The Regulations apply where a payment is made for the supply of heating/cooling. It is the responsibility of building owners, developers and Housing Associations to install meters in each dwelling to accurately measure energy usage, for residents of communal or district schemes.

The Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy recently announced the following:

  • New regulations are due mid-2017
  • New viability test and new tool is due to be introduced mid 2017
  • The date from which final customer meters must be fitted subject to cost-effective tests will be detailed in the amended regulations planned for 2017
  • They plan to make the regulations clearer
  • The new regulations will deal with snags that have been identified
  • Reviewing bulk meters in the consultation

Viability Tool
A major part of the regulations that has not come into play to date has been the viability tool to determine whether an existing development should install heat meters. Despite extensive discussions in Europe, to date nothing formally has been issued for each country to implement and therefore BEIS are producing their own viability test which will be based on the drafts which have come out of the EU. The Consultation on the viability tool is now expected in early 2017 and compliance required by August 2018

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