Grundfos Pumps are at the heart of the operation

Hospitals, by their nature, must remain operational 24/7 and need to be capable of meeting all the demands that are made of them. This means having a reliable, effective and efficient pump system that will give them the assurance they need to maintain and deliver their heating, cooling, water supply and water boosting requirements.

With this in mind a hospital Trust, who have responsibility for three hospital sites, asked Grundfos Pumps to undertake an Energy Audit to ascertain how their efficiency and energy use could be improved. All three sites where surveyed, an energy report was produced for each and presented. With projected savings of over 200,000 kw hours per year, the decision was made to go ahead with the recommended upgrades.

In total, Grundfos replaced 90+ obsolete pumps with various members of their NB, MAGNA and TP pump families that support the hospitals HVAC systems. With a total investment of £80k across all the sites, this outlay will deliver a return on investment of a healthy three years. The Trust has been very pleased with the outcome.

Grundfos have the knowledge, experience and product portfolio to deliver and maintain the right integrated pump solution to this as well as many other applications. To find out more, visit