Greens & Blues – the new edition of ALUCOBOND®’s digital magazine Forms & Elements

When we look at the sky, the sea, the horizon and the heavens, we experience basic emotions triggered by the colour blue. The night sky’s dark blue fills us with inner peace. The green-blue tones of the sea have a relaxing effect on us. Dark fir green, vivid grass green or the delicate green of a bud are soothing, harmonious and calming. The psychological properties of colours are based on our experience and understanding of nature. Our emotional link to a certain colour has developed through personal encounters with nature.

Blue gives us a feeling of spatial distance, remoteness and infinity. Green is the colour of equilibrium. Red gives the impression of being near to us whereas blue appears remote, and green is in between the two in mid-position. It comes across as being peaceful, refreshing, gentle and positive.

In the last edition of Forms & Elements we focussed on black and white. In this edition, blue and green take centre stage. Our basic emotional response is impacted by very different colour nuances on façades. A building becomes chameleon-like, altering during the day depending on how the light falls and enhanced by additional spectral components. These changes trigger different emotions in us. Allow us to introduce you to the sensory experience of blue and green in this edition of Forms & Elements and in ALUCOBOND® projects.

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