‘Green’ natural ventilation from SE Controls at new King’s Cross Central development

The London Borough of Camden’s new multi-storey office and leisure complex within the 67 acre King’s Cross Central development, is using a highly energy efficient natural ventilation system from SE Controls to maintain a comfortable indoor environment while contributing to the building’s BREEAM outstanding rating.

Working with contractors, Kier Construction, Weedon, as executive architects, developed the original design prepared by Bennett Associates for Camden Council’s new administrative HQ and customer services contact centre. Located at Five Pancras Square, the the 14-storey building not only provides 150,000 sq.ft of floor space but also incorporates a leisure centre, swimming pool, public library and café.

By using a combination of active and passive design features to obtain very low carbon emissions, such as low glazing ratios and energy efficient ventilation, the building achieves the highest standards of environmental sustainability for a major office building and is on course to reach the highest ever BREEAM score.

To maintain precise energy efficient control over the building’s indoor air quality and maintain a comfortable working environment, SE Controls supplied, installed and commissioned a natural ventilation system that fully automates and controls the opening of windows on the North and South elevations, as well as the main atrium space.

A total of 204 SCCO 24 30 concealed tandem and single chain actuators are installed on Schüco AWS 102 SK glazed projected top hung vents, which are controlled by 68 NVLogiQ 6Amp power supply units (PSUs) and actuated by the building’s central BMS, which also triggers window opening and closing for night purging.

Within the North atrium, SE Controls also installed 12 SECO N 24 40 twin chain actuators and a 30 Amp PSU panel, incorporating a maintenance key-switch and linked to the BMS, to provide additional control over ventilation, indoor air quality and building energy efficiency.

SE Controls’ Commercial Director, Martin Oates, explained:

“With the continued move towards greater energy efficiency and sustainable building design, highly efficient natural ventilation systems, such as that incorporated within Five Pancras Square are delivering significant performance and running cost benefits to building owners, architect and occupants.”