Getting the best out of rolled lead sheet

The Lead Sheet Association is at the forefront of training and technical advice in the use of Rolled Lead Sheet to BS EN 12588 in the construction industry and offers a RIBA approved CPD on the design and specification of lead.

The Association has a number of technical experts that can provide guidance and advice for those specifying British Standard rolled lead sheet and champions its use in the industry with key research looking at the economic, technical and environmental characteristics of lead.

This LSA RIBA approved CPD provides an overview of the design and specification of rolled lead sheet as well as an introduction to manufacturing methods and the technical, life cycle and sustainability characteristics of lead. It also explores the main uses of lead sheet looking closely at flashings and weatherings; roofing and cladding and the restoration of old and historic buildings.

Importantly is also uses real life situations from the LSA’s site investigations to demonstrate the best way to specify lead, including examples of correctly designed and detailed leadwork installations.

The CPD also contains detail of research the LSA has carried out as well as the key characteristics lead has as a building a material, an outline of which is below.

Evidence-based research

The LSA has worked with some key organisations in the construction industry to examine more closely the properties and benefits of using lead, particularly in relation to its economic, technical and environmental characteristics.

Carried out in conjunction with The Building Research Establishment and Franklin + Andrews lead was found to be more durable as it lasts three times longer than other man-made products; more carbon friendly and more economical than any man-made alternative.

A versatile and sustainable material

Looking at the research in more detail it found that British Standard rolled lead sheet used in construction outperforms competing manmade products and hard metals, on many fronts:

  • Lead has a BRE Green Guide rating of A and A+
  • The carbon footprint of lead, compared with other hard metals, is extremely low making it a very environmentally friendly material.
  • Its lifespan also means it lasts a generation without having to be replaced – on average more than three times longer than other proprietary flashing products.
  • There is an established recycling infrastructure so almost 100% of the waste can be re-used.
  • Lead’s longevity means that architects can safely use it in designs needing to comply with Euro code requirements for a 60 year design life.
  • Lead installation is not impacted by damp or cold weather conditions, thereby minimising project delays.
  • Working with lead is a highly skilled job and will more likely be undertaken by skilled tradesman, thereby minimising the risks of employing unskilled labour using other products.
  • Over a 40 year period lead can be up to 50% cheaper than manmade flashing products and over 65 years it is almost 100% cheaper.
  • The concentration of lead in rainwater run-off is proven to have no public health or environmental impact

The LSA Members are so confident of lead’s longevity that they offer a 50 year warranty on the lead that they sell. This guarantee applies to rolled lead sheet manufactured by an LSA Member (details of which are on the LSA website), providing it is installed in accordance with the LSA Rolled Lead Sheet Manual and BS 6915.

Here to support specifiers.

The LSA has been part of the RIBA CPD Network since June 2012 and since then has provided hundreds of CPDs to specifiers across the UK. CPDs are free of charge so please don’t hesitate to contact us to book yours.

The Association also provides a wealth of technical information via its website including the LSA Pocket Guide, AutoCAD drawings for flashings, gutters, cladding and roofing as well as health and safety information. This information is free of charge. More detailed information can be found in the Rolled Lead Sheet – The Complete Manual, which is now available as an e-book and can be ordered through the website. LSA Technical Officers are also available for consultation on specific projects and site visits.

To book a CPD or for more information visit, email info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or call 01622 872 432.