Geocel on fire with new B2 rated foam

Sealants and adhesive specialist Geocel is launching new B2 fire-rated foams for filling and sealing gaps and apertures where a fire-rated finish is required. Two versions are available, a gun foam for use with an applicator gun, and a straw foam version which can be applied quickly and easily without using a gun.

Hansil Contractor B2 Fire-Rated foam has been specially formulated for the professional tradesmen and is perfect for sealing and filling gaps in fire rated partitions, sealing around fire door frames and through gaps and service trunkings. Because Hansil Contractor B2 Fire-Rated Foam conforms fully to Class B2 DIN 4102, it can be used with absolute confidence in applications which require a B2 rating.

The two new products are moisture curing polyurethane foams that are quick, clean and easy-to-use and which will expand to cover and fill irregular surfaces effectively. It goes off quickly and, once cured, can be cut, sawn, sanded and then painted or plastered over. The foam is hugely versatile as it can be used on plastic, brick, stone, concrete, metals and wood.

Both the gun and straw versions of Hansil Contractor B2 Fire-Rated Foam are available in a 750ml can from good builders merchants nationwide. Contractors can find their nearest stockist by calling 01752 334350