Garador’s Up and Over Garage Doors are a Quick Fit!

Specifying the correct size and style of garage door is only the first step when designing a new property with a garage or undertaking a refurbishment. Choosing a garage door that is well-engineered, will continue to be effective for a long-time and is easy to fit; are all important considerations too.

Garador, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of garage doors, offer a range of Up and Over garage doors in materials such as Steel, Timber, GRP and PVC. Whilst their Up and Over garage doors are renowned in the building industry as being great products that last, but the fact that these doors are incredibly quick and easy to fit is often overlooked.

Garador Up and Over garage doors can also be supplied with a steel frame; making the process of fitting the door quicker and easier than using a timber sub-frame. By using a galvanised steel frame, which can be supplied pre-fitted to the door, you eliminate the need for a timber sub-frame that will often warp or rot over the course of a decade eventually causing the homeowner problems. By getting rid of a timber sub-frame you also ensure a more accurate fit; meaning there is no need to use strips of PVC to fill in any unsightly gaps that are often found around the timber sub-frame.

In addition, the steel frame can be supplied painted the exact same colour of the door panel; saving time and money that would be spent otherwise painting the timber sub-frame and ultimately delivering a clean and professional factory finished job.

Their Up and Over range are supplied with either canopy lifting gear or retractable lifting gear. Framed canopy gear doors can be fitted behind the brickwork with as little as 7 fixings and framed retractable gear doors can be fitted behind the brick work with as few as 11 fixings. When compared to other Up and Over garage doors on the market this simple design feature can save the builder time and money in fitting the garage door, giving them more time to spend on other aspects of the build.

Lastly, Garador Up and Over doors are always supplied with the exact number and types of fixings required to fit the door, so the installer doesn’t have to waste their precious time on site looking for the right fixings.

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