Gaia hydronic UFH is the smart choice for comfortable heating

Adding that little something extra to a home, underfloor heating (UFH) is increasingly popular in both new-build and refurbishment residential projects. Gaia’s hydronic (often referred to as “wet”) UFH systems are efficient, give a comfortable, even, heat and do away with the need for traditional wall-mounted radiators.

Gaia offers two distinct hydronic systems: its’ own-branded system comprising of high quality controls and manifolds, and the proprietary Polypipe system which combines Polypipe’s own pipework, controls and manifold. Both systems are highly efficient, and require a relatively low-temperature water supply compared with traditional radiators which circulate water at 60°C or more.

Electric UFH (which Gaia also supplies) is useful for isolated areas, such as bathrooms, which require heat separately from the rest of the building and where a low-profile retro-fit installation is required to avoid raising the floor too much. Gaia’s Technical Designer, Steve Burnett says,

“I’d say that about 70 per cent of UFH installations are hydronic.”

He adds,

“It works very well with gas but is also ideal with ground-or-air-source heat pumps which don’t generate high water temperatures.”

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