Free Fire Design webinar to discuss commercial benefits

Often including large, open spaces and occupied by individuals who may be unfamiliar with their surroundings, commercial properties present a unique set of challenges when considering fire safety.

FDS Consult, one of the UK’s leading experts in fire design engineering, is offering a free one hour webinar on Wednesday 16th July, providing expert advice backed by a number of real-life case study examples.

Hosted by Senior Fire Engineer Jigar Pandya, the event will discuss the roles that current legislation and code recommendations play in the creation of fire strategies for the commercial sector, and the benefits that taking a fire-engineered approach can bring, including maximised floor space and reduced build costs.

Speaking of the upcoming webinar, Jigar said:

“Incorporating everything from smaller retail spaces to offices and large warehouses, commercial properties can vary greatly in their layout. Through a fire engineered approach and the application of tools such as the use of CFD modelling and escape time calculations it’s possible to create the ideal solution for any project, regardless of scale.

“As the commercial sector grows, clients will still demand the best value on their buildings.  By taking an engineered approach it’s possible to offer benefits such as reduced system and build costs, flexible design and efficient use of space, while taking into account complex requirements such as multi-occupancy evacuation.”

See FDS Consult’s full webinar calendar and register your interest at or call Helen Jeffery on 01322 387 411.

Webinar Details:
Title: Fire engineering in commercial offices
Date: Wednesday 16th July 2014
Time: 13:00 to 14:00
Who should attend: Architects, Consultants, Contractors, Building Managers.
Cost: Free