Foster + Partners exhibition opens at Tsinghua University Art Museum, Beijing

Foster + Partners’ latest exhibition, ‘Sustainable Communities | Shared Futures’, opened on 24th July 2018 at the Tsinghua University Art Museum. The ceremony was officiated by Stephen Ellison, Minister Councillor for the British Government in China, and attended by Prof. Su Dan (Deputy Curator of TAM); Prof. Du Pengfei (Executive Deputy Curator of TAM); Prof. Yang Dongjiang (Deputy head of Tsinghua University School of Art); and Mr. Shi Zongkai (Deputy head of Tsinghua University).

The exhibition investigates the work of the practice through the lens of sustainability. Focussing on the importance of human experience in the design of the built environment, it also shines a light on Foster + Partners’ integrated approach to design that combines expertise from several disciplines. This approach brings unique design solutions that are tailored to the site, its context, users and culture. A wide overview of the practice’s work, the exhibition also asks pertinent questions about the future of the built environment, inviting the audience to creatively speculate about what their surroundings may be like over the next fifty years and beyond.

Sustainability has been a central theme of Foster + Partners’ work for more than five decades. In  a wide variety of projects it has pioneered a holistic approach to issues of energy, water, waste and transport that remains integral to the practice’s work, which includes the redevelopment of the Reichstag in Berlin, the sustainable Masdar City masterplan in Abu Dhabi, two of the world’s first ecological office towers – the Commerzbank in Frankfurt and the Swiss Re headquarters in London, and most recently, Bloomberg’s new European Headquarters in London – the world’s most sustainable office building, and Apple Park in Cupertino.

Spencer de Grey, Head of Design, Foster + Partners said

“We build places and spaces for people. Our approach is holistic, combining environmental themes with social and economic concerns to create design solutions that respect the climate, culture and context of a place. We are delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit our work at the Tsinghua University Art Museum, and hope that visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the role design plays in the creation of sustainable communities.”

The exhibition also offers visitors a unique insight into the workings of the studio exploring the use of different tools that have revolutionised the way designers work. The exhibition includes drawings, models, films and several case studies that illustrate the depth of research and analysis that goes into designing and building some of the most complex and innovative projects in the world.

The exhibition will be on display from 24 July to 7 October 2018.