FOAMGLAS READYBLOCKS for museum of Bristol’s heritage

Bristol’s M Shed museum, designed by LAB Architects is a re-used 1950s dockside warehouse. Said to have a functionalist purity, it has a forward-leaning entrance facade with eye-catching external features such as working dockyard cranes, steam engines and historic boats. Re-roofing involved use of 160mm FOAMGLAS READY BLOCK T4+.

The building, formerly the Bristol Industrial Museum, underwent a full refurbishment and renaming as the ‘M Shed Museum’. The re modelled structure retains many of the features seen on the original harbourside building but with a new atrium which acts as the entrance foyer. Original gallery spaces have been given a new lease of life and a new exhibition gallery and conference suite have been constructed on the roof.

The original asphalt roof was uninsulated so 160mm FOAMGLAS READY BLOCK T4+ was hot adhesive-bonded to it; the only insulation material that can be fully bonded onto an existing asphalt surface. The addition of FOAMGLAS blocks to the roof ensures the structure is fully insulated, has exceptional compressive strength and is protected for the lifetime of the building.