Flowcrete UK expands BIM Content Library

  • New BIM objects added to Flowcrete UK’s extensive BIM Content Library.
  • Every flooring element required for a 3D building model can now be sourced from Flowcrete UK’s BIM Content Library.
  • Each BIM object provides layers of data to support the design, specification, construction and maintenance of the floor.

Flowcrete UK has expanded its BIM (Building Information Modelling) Content Library to encompass a wide selection of resin floors, screeds, damp proof membranes and underfloor heating systems – everything an architect needs to create an accurate 3D representation of a high-performance floor area.

The resin flooring manufacturer is committed to providing the resources required by today’s high-tech construction industry professionals, which are increasingly embracing digital building modelling as a day-to-day practise.

Available from the NBS National BIM Library, Flowcrete UK’s new BIM Content allows its flooring systems to be easily incorporated into a 3D building model and its associated component database. The BIM objects are available in a variety of formats, including Autodesk Revit, IFC, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks and AECOsim, so the designer can easily pick and choose the product in the preferred format.

Flowcrete UK’s Managing Director, Kevin Potter, said:

“BIM has revolutionised the construction industry, helping to provide more consistent, accurate project documentation and a more transparent project delivery process.

“With BIM awareness at near-universal levels and adoption at over 62 per cent of practises and growing rapidly, being able to provide so many products as BIM objects ensures that Flowcrete UK is a futureproof manufacturer that stays ahead of the technology curve.”

BIM objects represent a shared resource of knowledge about a facility that can be used to make decisions about the building throughout its lifecycle, from the initial drawing, to design, construction, daily operations and eventual demolition. Conflicts, overlaps and issues are easy to spot in a BIM 3D model and mean that they can be solved well before the construction gets underway.

A number of Flowcrete UK’s products have been available on the National BIM Library for several years and the popularity of these systems has prompted the resin flooring manufacturer to widen its BIM offering.

The new Flowcrete UK BIM Content Library covers the company’s portfolio of specialist flooring solutions including its seamless resin terrazzo range, its line of antibacterial treated cementitious urethanes, hard wearing epoxy coating systems, fast curing methyl methacrylate finishes and car park deck coatings.

Each BIM object offers layers of integral data to support the specification including the system’s technical properties, colour availability, green building properties and installation procedures.

In addition, each Flowcrete UK BIM object includes embedded product information to provide an audit trail for the flooring materials throughout the life of the building, including cleaning and maintenance instructions.

For example, the Mondéco Crystal Ice BIM object, one of the most frequently downloaded Flowcrete UK products, allows architects to design a bespoke, high-end floor area and provides them with all the necessary facts and figures such as its speed of cure, compressive strength, slip resistance and permeability.

Flowcrete UK’s BIM Content Library includes every component required to create a high performance, state-of-the-art floor area for any large-scale commercial or industrial construction. Whether it’s a shopping centre, stadium, office or hospital, a factory, workshop or aircraft hangar, the entire floor build up can be put together from the options in the Flowcrete UK section of the NBS National BIM Library.

To discover more visit www.flowcrete.co.uk/riba