Fixers gain with “free upgrade” time-saving adhesive

Tile fixers will love BAL Rapidset Flexible Fibre for its major advantages over other adhesives. Radically improved performance means that fixers will save time and money whenever they use it. The new wall and floor adhesive is a true rapid-set, allowing fast grouting, but gives significant time savings compared with other products.

Alex Underwood, BAL head of marketing, said:

“We are proud that BAL continues to lead the market with our innovations. BAL Rapidset Flexible Fibre is another step-forward in technology for our customers and at no extra cost; our customers are effectively being offered a free upgrade.”

BAL Rapidset Flexible Fibre offers extended open time of over 30 minutes, allowing application of adhesive to a larger area for easier tile adjustment and reduced installation time. With its working time also extended to over 60 minutes, fixers can use larger mixes. This means fewer interruptions to tiling to mix adhesive. These benefits are achieved without affecting setting time, so fixer’s can still grout after only three hours for a fast-track finish.

Together, the extended open time and working time mean fixers have an easier installation and tiling installation is faster, reducing the project cost for their customers and allowing more jobs to be completed each week. The extended open time and working time provide further cost savings as there is almost no risk of adhesive ‘going-off’ too soon in the bucket, which saves costly waste.

Alex Underwood, BAL head of marketing, said:

“As always, our product development took account of countrywide fixer and contractor feedback. Whilst everyone wants to finish the job fast, other standard rapidsets have minimal open and working times so that they can provide a fast setting time. This often means fixers are restricted to small mixes and applying adhesive to smaller areas, both slowing down projects and increasing labour costs. Combined with costs of throwing away adhesive that goes-off before use in the bucket, or reapplying extra adhesive that has skinned over – costs in reality can be much higher! By offering this new innovation – and at no extra cost – it was described as ‘like getting a free upgrade’, which is a perfect description. With the same great, guaranteed results BAL fixers are used to, combined with these new benefits, why wouldn’t you upgrade? Anything that lets a fixer do the same great job, but faster, has to be worth at least a look, which anyone can do at”

BAL Rapidset Flexible Fibre also incorporates BAL’s pioneering Fibre Strand Technology in combination with increased polymer content for outstanding flexibility and strength for increased performance.

BAL Rapidset Flexible Fibre is suitable for virtually any tile type, on most wall or floor substrates, and can be used in wet, dry, interior and external environments. It is available in 20 kg sacks through authorised distributors nationwide and, like all BAL products, carries a full 25-year guarantee.