First Look: bptw partnership’s Tottenham Regeneration

bptw  partnership  is  pleased  to  announce  the  completion  of  Lawrence  Square, a large  mixed  use regeneration  project  situated  on  Lawrence  Road  in  Tottenham.  The  264  unit  scheme  was  designed for  developer  Bellway  Homes  and  has  recently  been  completed  on  site  with  homes now  fully occupied.

Ambitious plans are underway in the borough to deliver 10,000 new homes, create 5,000 jobs and 1 million  square  feet  of  employment  space by 2025.   Lawrence  Square  is  contributing  to  Haringey Council’s  long-term  vision  for  Tottenham,  helping  to  regenerate  the area  by  transforming  disused commercial  and  industrial  buildings  into  a  vibrant  residential  neighbourhood. The  redevelopment has  been  delivered  in  a mix  of modern  live/work  apartments  and  low  rise  family homes,  with  over 1000 m2² of commercial, community and courtyard spaces also provided.

bptw   partnership   designed   the   project   up   to   planning   stage, creating   a   family   friendly neighbourhood  within  an  urban  setting  through  the  incorporation  of  extensive  play  areas  and  soft landscaping  into  the  design.  The  mews  houses  within  the  development  are built  around  numerous courtyard  spaces,  offering  off-street  parking  and  providing  communal  spaces for  residents.  Dual aspect  dwellings  have  been  maximised  at  ground  level  to  enhance  live/work  units  and  add  to  the street scene by forming interactive shop-style frontages.

Project data

  • Location: Tottenham, Haringey
  • Type of project: Mixed use
  • Client: Bellway Homes
  • Architect: bptw partnership
  • Landscape architect: ACD Landscape
  • Planning consultant: Savills
  • Main contractor: Bellway Homes
  • Start on site date: Mid 2013
  • Completion date: Mid 2016
  • Total m² of project: 19,758