Examining the effect of good interior design on patients

A new book, ‘Designing the Patient Room’, is claimed by its publishers Birkhauser to offer a “detailed insight into the future of inpatient care.”

The author Sylvia Leydecker, who is director of German interior design practice 100% Interior, looks at how design elements can aid recovery and how a pleasant atmosphere can be combined with quality, functionality and economic considerations. She commented:

“Hospitals are not only places for treating illness, they are also institutions for promoting health.”

Featuring extensive imagery and drawings including 14 case studies such as the UK’s Maggie’s Centres, the book reveals how a carefully considered interior design concept can improve the quality of a stay and help speed recovery. It is claimed to provide a comprehensive insight into ‘healing architecture,’ a complex issue as the quality of a hospital stay is influenced by a wide range of factors.

Different design components such as material, colour, light and surface finish are tackled by Leydecker along- side hygiene issues, specific challenges brought about by demographic change, digitisation, workflow issues and economic efficiency.