Evinox room controller is ENE3 compliant

As part of the Code for Sustainable Homes, credits are available when an ENE3 compliant energy display device is installed in the home. The aim of this is to promote the specification of equipment that displays energy consumption data, therefore empowering residents to reduce energy use.

The Evinox Room Controller is classed as an energy display device and is installed in the home for use with the ModuSat Heat Interface Unit, which is connected to a communal heating system. The room controller provides an interface to enable the occupier of the home to set the heating and hot water temperature, set the time programmer and read the meter(s).

In addition to this, the Evinox Room Controller now offers an ENE3 compliant option, which is capable of displaying all of the information required to gain credits for the Code for Sustainable Homes. This includes historical consumption data in a graphical format to enable residents to view information about their usage and compare different periods. This provides a number of benefits to housing associations and developers, primarily it removes the requirement to install a separate energy display device in order to gain credits towards the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The latest Code for Sustainable Homes Manual stipulates that the visual display unit must be capable of displaying the following information:

  • Local time
  • Current mains energy consumption (kilowatts and kilowatt hours)
  • Current emissions (g/kg CO2)
  • Current tariff
  • Current cost (in pounds and pence). For pre-payment customers this should be ‘real time’ data and for ‘credit’ paying customers cost should be displayed on a monthly basis
  • Display accurate account balance information (amount in credit or debit)
  • Visual presentation of data (i.e. non-numeric) to allow consumers to easily identify high and low level of usage
  • Historical consumption data so that consumers can compare their current and previous usage in a meaningful way. This should include cumulative consumption data in any of the following forms day/week/month/billing period.

As a minimum an energy display device showing the electricity use is required for one credit. A second credit can be awarded when information about energy use for heating is displayed. The Evinox ENE3 compliant Room Controller can provide the maximum 2 credits as it is capable of displaying both electricity and heating usage.

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