Eurocell makes time-saving a matter of course for Equinox range

Providing both swift installation and a realistic slate-effect, next generation SlateSkin is the latest enhancement Eurocell has developed for Equinox, its innovative tiled conservatory roof system. Together, SlateSkin and Equinox create the most advanced system currently available.

Now with ‘multi-course’ tiles built in to each sheet, the SlateSkin GRP system reduces the time spent positioning and nailing tiles, with no compromise on build quality or aesthetics, while its lightweight construction allows the roof pitch to be set anywhere from just 5o to 35o. SlateSkin is the only tile system tested down to a 5o pitch and hence is ideal for lean-to projects, which comprise up to a quarter of all UK conservatories.

Guaranteed for 25 years, the SlateSkin sheet-tiling system is not only durable but also considerably faster to fit than other conservatory tile roofing methods. In fact, it can typically save two operatives a whole day when compared to fitting Tapco tiles. When combined with the Equinox system, it meets the requirements of BS 476 Part 3:2004 for the External Fire Performance of Roofs, the classification for fire penetration.

Using the technical support that Eurocell provides, installers can be sure of getting the right fit first time, every time. Once it has received the all the dimensions, Eurocell engineers will create all the components required, including the tile sheets, hip end caps and ridge and hip top cap using state-of-the-art equipment.

SlateSkin is just the latest complementary product developed for the Equinox roofing system, which features solid insulation panels integrated in the structure for superb thermal efficiency – approximately ten times better than an ‘A’ rated window. The result is a more comfortable living environment that costs less to heat or cool because it is insulated from the ambient temperatures outside, making it warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The system also has a 5-35o pitch variable ring beam assembly that increases the types of roofs that can be replaced while adjustable angles on the hip, valley and ridge add up to easier fitting, and ensure that tiles and ridges sit correctly for finishing. All rafters sit flush with the hip and rafter too, providing greater strength. Thermal breaks avoid moisture build up, and air gaps within the roof allow any moisture to dissipate quickly – so there is no danger of internal condensation, unlike some tiled roof systems.

Equinox kits offer a ‘one box solution’ – with SlateSkin sheets pre-cut to size and numbered for easy identification and installation. Plus, all the sealants and fixings required to install the roof to the highest standard are also in the box.

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