EnviroVent is evolving

EnviroVent have just unveiled their ‘brand’ new logo, a historic moment for the UK manufacturer as it continues to revolutionise the world of ventilation through its innovative and award-winning products.

The EnviroVent brand was first launched in 1997 when the product range mainly consisted of the EnviroVent Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit. The idea at the time was to create a logo for the brand that provided meaning for the product. With this mind, a logo was designed showing the ‘i’ connecting into the ‘V’ to be synonymous with Positive ‘Input’ Ventilation.

16 years later, the EnviroVent brand has come a long way, far beyond the initial vision back in the 90’s. Today, it represents a much larger, dynamic and innovative company, which manufactures an extensive range of products serving a broad array of market places and countries. In short, EnviroVent has evolved and now – so has its image!

Marketing director, Rebecca Marczak, pictured with the new logo, said:

“We have huge ambition for the EnviroVent brand as it continues to go from strength to strength across all market sectors. Our opportunities have never been greater in building the brand as we invest further in new product development and new marketing methods such as TV advertising, digital and radio, spreading the message about the importance of delivering good indoor air quality. We’ve received a fantastic response from the new logo, it’s clean, modern and refreshing. Exciting times for us and definitely history in the making for EnviroVent!”