An eco-friendly approach to office architecture: EWE & Bursagaz Headquarters​

EWE & Bursagaz Headquarters designed by Tago Architects, an Istanbul based architectural studio, shows an eco-friendly approach by integrating renewable energy systems into architectural design.

The EWE & Bursagaz Head Office building is the headquarters of a local natural gas distributor located in Bursa, one of the biggest cities of Turkey. The building has 820 m² of plot area and approximately 9500 m² of building area. It consists of seven floors and three basement floors. The offices were officially opened in May 2016. The architectural design is based on integrating renewable energy systems to architecture, meeting the expectancies of the client. The project is also based on building a positive relationship between energy saving systems and office life.

The design itself is a composition of different prisms with voids and transparent surfaces coming together creating the impression of one big exploded cube. Each volume ends with an open terrace that serves the office workers. The terraced roof is covered with solar energy panels which also serve as shading elements, creating a sophisticated semi-open space.

In this project, it was very important to create a high quality work environment so Tago Architects challenged the traditional double-skin facade section of the building in order to also offer shaded balconies that surround the office space. One outer skin is arranged using modular BIPV panels, while the other uses painted glass shadings. When these two come together, they account for an irregular rhythm of shadows on the interior of the building and create light controlled comfortable office spaces.

The project is nominated for Leed Platinium with energy saving and environmental friendly properties. All the water and electricity consumption is controlled by using automated systems. The reuse of rain and drain water is provided in mechanical systems. The materials used in the construction and decoration was selected according to international norms that green buildings require. The PV panels on the facade and wind turbine on the roof are expected to supply three per cent of the building’s electricity.

Project Name: EWE & Bursagaz Headquarters
Architectural Design Office: TAGO Architects
Designer: Gökhan Altan Aktuğ
Design Team: Müge Eker Eryayar, Mevlüt Duymaz, Mete Kıyan, Seda Genç Yıldırım, Emre Ertuğrul
Project Location: Bursa / Turkey
Project Type: Office Building
Total Project Area: 9.500 sqm